Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FUSE Integration Designer 1.2 is out!

FUSE Integration Designer 1.2 has released. This product marks a significant improvement in the capabilities from the preview release. The product is designed specifically for development on the Progress FUSE products which are based on the Apache Camel, ApacheMQ, Apache ServiceMix and Apache CXF products.

I am very proud of this release. We have built this product from scratch at Progress Software India (amongst many others) but what has been achieved in this product in the short time that we have worked on it makes it special!

The product is an Eclipse SOA development toolkit focused around the FUSE product set and includes a full-featured Enterprise Integration Patterns editor specifically meant for FUSE Mediation Router (Apache Camel). Here's a screen shot of how a route will look. The editor now supports almost all the processors and patterns in Camel. We are actively working on adding additional endpoint support and enhancing it via usability tests and other feedback.

We also have a host of features and improvements we are planning in the coming releases. In addition to creating routes and exporting them to Spring you can also -
a. Deploy them to FUSE ESB (ServiceMix)
b. Run and Debug them - we have full Eclipse debug integration.
c. Import existing routes from Spring into the editor and view/edit them

In addition to the center piece EIP editor the product has some key features for FUSE developers -
a. Support for Java DSL based development
b. Support for ESB 4.x and 3.x deployment (all JBI packaging aspects are taken care of automatically)
c. Support for CXF deployment on ESB in addition to Tomcat
d. JMS Tooling for ActiveMQ (this is actually based on a completely extensible framework so it can support any JMS vendor - more on this in another blog).
e. Improved documentation to help you along with cheat sheets and stuff!

Give the product a spin and let us know what you think here.

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