Saturday, May 15, 2004

Easy Software Development?

Joel has an Excellent new article that I agree with very strongly. About how software development is considered to be something anyone can do quite easily. Most people do not realize the complexities of software development. Along the same lines, recruitment processes in most companies are driven by aptitude expecting that a person with a good aptitude (IQ) will be able to code better because its all about logic.
I dont think so.
I think its much more than just logic. Programming well requires a discipline, requires you to enjoy what you are doing, it requires a way of thinking that comes from practise as well as love for programming. Its like saying that spending 4 years in college learning software development is a waste of time. It doesnt teach you everything but it makes you much better than someone who learnt something else.
Joel touches on several other aspects of how software development is complex and involves a lot of variables. An excellent read!

I have come across recent examples of working code which is so terrible that its disgusting. These are examples of high aptitude people who are coding for the amount of time needed by when they can be automatically promoted to a position where they can delegate it to someone. These "managers" will of course continue to fuel jokes in Dilbert.


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